Where should the Chargers play?

The Q
Qualcomm Stadium

I saw a report yesterday on one the local San Diego News programs that city officials are now considering building a new stadium for the Chargers in the East Village section of downtown San Diego, a few blocks from Petco Park, home of the Padres. I really hope this idea becomes a reality because that location would be far superior to some of the suburban locations that have been suggested and certainly beats seeing Chargers move to another city.

I still think the best place to build a new stadium would be right next to Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley. I attended a Chargers game at the Q a few weeks ago and was reminded of the advantages of that location. It is a good spot because there is plenty of space for parking, good freeway access and mass transit access with a trolley stop right at the stadium. However, at this point it looks very unlikely that a new stadium will be built at the Qualcomm site for a variety of economic and political reasons. The best alternative would be a downtown location in my opinion and hopefully that will happen. If it does there is no doubt that we will see future Super Bowls hosted in San Diego.

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