NFL Playoffs Rd 2

Saints vs. Cardinals: This should be quite a shoot out. I haven’t been all that impressed by the Saints defense this year and I do think the Cardinals will score at least 24 points. OTOH, as Green Bay demonstrated, Arizona has it’s own problems on defense and Drew Brees should be able to riddle the weak AZ secondary with both short and long passes. I think the Saints will score at least 30 points. Of course, the Superdome also gives the Saints another advantage. In the end I think New Orleans just has too much firepower for Arizona and will win a high scoring contest.

Colts vs. Ravens: A classic match-up here pitting a high octane pass oriented offense against a very aggressive defense that is usually capable of disrupting their opponents game plan.

Can’t say that I would be shocked if the Ravens pull off an upset in this game, but I don’t think they will. I have to pick Peyton Manning & Co. to win this game.

Vikings vs. Cowboys: Only a couple of weeks ago I thought the Vikings were the best bet to win the Super Bowl, but that changed as I came to the conclusion that the Cowboys are peaking right now and present a real threat to the Vikings. I think the Cowboys will upset and move on for a rematch with the Saints in New Orleans.

Chargers vs. Jets: The Jets have had a great season and they are a formidable team, especially on defense, but I just don’t think the Jets can score enough to win against the Chargers. This game is similar to the Colts and Ravens. High power offense against high power defense and in this case I think the high powered offense wins. Chargers QB Phillip Rivers and the tall Charger receivers pose a problem that Jets do not have a solution for. I think the Chargers will dispatch the over achieving Jets and move on to a Battle Royale against the Colts.

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