Jets 17 Chargers 14

Well, you can always count on some surprises in the NFL Playoffs and we certainly had some some this past weekend. Of course, the biggest surprise, by far, was the Jets defeating the Chargers. I still don’t think the better team won that game, but the Jets played extremely well and deserve all the credit in the world. Hats off to them for a job well done.

To me, this loss highlighted the fact that the Chargers have to acquire a strong running back that they can rely on to average 4 plus yards per carry. That should be their top priority imo. Unforunately, Tomlinson can’t provide that production any longer and it appears his great career may be at an end. He certainly should not be the Chargers starting RB going forward.

I don’t think the Jets can continue their string of upsets next week at Indy. Peyton Manning and the Colts will take note of mistakes made by the Charger and won’t make the same. I expect the Colts to use a more balanced run/pass attack that will produce at least 24 to 28 points and that will be more than enough to ensure victory over the Jets.

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