NFL Playoffs Conference Championship Games

Colts vs. Jets: I really don’t see how the Colts lose this game, unless Peyton Manning is injured in the 1st quarter and unable to play the rest of the game. Really, the Jets are lucky to still be in the playoffs. They defeated a superior team in the Chargers, but that won’t happen again. Not to take anything away from the Jets, they have played great football in the playoffs thus far and have exceeded expectations for this season, but they are not nearly as good as the remaining teams in the playoffs imo. I think they would also lose to the Saints or the Vikings if they played either one of them. I predict that the Colts will win by at least 10 points.

Saints vs. Vikings: Now this game is a very tough call because both teams have such strong, well rounded offenses, and each team has a truly outstanding QB. However, I have to give the Saints the edge because of homefield advantage. I would love to see Brett Favre return to the Superbowl, but this time he really has his work cut out for him because Drew Brees seems to be every bit his equal this year and Brees may have even more weapons to draw upon. If Reggie Bush plays as well as did last week vs. Arizona the Vikings are in trouble. We’ll see. I don’t want to discount the defenses either because that is what may decide the game. It may very well come down to which defense slows down the opposing offense the most effectively. I don’t think either will be “shut down”. I see a high scoring game, with the Saints prevailing, say 31-28.

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