The iPad

After watching the iPad demo on the Apple homepage I am even more impressed with the device than I was as I watched Steve Jobs introduce it Wednesday morning. The iPad is not perfect, or even revolutionary, but it is groundbreaking. Apple priced it right ($500 to $800) and I expect sales to be very strong.

It will indeed cannibalize some MacBook sales and some iPhone sales. Some people won’t want or need a conventional laptop or a full blown smart phone if they have an iPad. Overall though, Apple stands to gain with this new device because it is unique and should have wide appeal. Many people who have never purchased an Apple product before will buy iPads and Apple will again benefit from the halo effect as new customers are drawn into the Apple ecosystem.

Another thing to remember is that future iPad will only get better. It is game over for Apple competitors if the iPad establishes the same dominance that the iPod has. Based on the early mixed reviews of the iPad it is clear that there seem to be a fair amount of people who doubt the iPad will be a “game changer”, but I think the critics are once again underestimating Apple.

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