iPhone 4

Well, in view of the problems that have developed with the iPhone I’m glad I didn’t go out and pick up an iPhone 4 as soon as it went on sale. I’m an early technology adopter and I’ve been a huge fan of Apple products going back to the 80’s , but I usually wait a few weeks, if not a few months to see how new products perform before I go out and buy one. I’ve played with the iPhone 4 at my local Apple Store on a few occasions and was very impressed. It is very cool and definitely superior to my iPhone GS in a variety of ways, but I like my GS and it will due until Apple works out the bugs on the 4. I’m also inclined to wait until a Verizon iPhone is available before I make next iPhone choice. I haven’t had any serious problems with AT&T, but I want to see what Verizon will have to offer.

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