Comic-Con 2010

Comic Con 2010 is winding up and the event seems to get more popular every year. I did not attend convention this year because I waited too long to purchase a pass online. I attempted to buy my pass 3 or 4 months ago and CC was sold out even then. So, lesson learned, I’m going to have buy a pass for next year soon. However, since I live about 12 blocks from the convention center I went down to the Gas Lamp Quarter to see what was going on outside the convention center and found that the entire area was overrun with Comic-Con attendees. The people watching alone was fun because of all the colorful costumes that Comic-Con people were parading around in.

In it’s forty years of existence Comic-Con has morphed into something much, much bigger than just an event about comics. It now encompasses all forms art and entertainment related to sci fi, fantasy and adventure. It also attracts an ever increasing number of A list Hollywood stars and directors out to promote their latest projects.

This year three of the major hotels surrounding the convention center were converted into giant billboards, such as sign above for Skyline, which was placed on the exterior of the Marriott.

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