Fantasy Football Week V: Counting on Indy

Last week both of my teams suffered as a result of Redskins KO’ing Michael Vick. The breaks of the game I guess.You always know something like that can happen, but it is still quite disturbing when it does happen. I remember checking the game stats on my iPhone last Sunday and seeing Kevin Kolb’s name pop up in the Eagles boxscore. Uh Oh, I knew instantky something went seriously wrong. Fortunately, it appears that Vick will be able to return in a few weeks. I’m not sure I will pick him for his first announced start. In the meantime, I’ve replaced Vick with Peyton Manning on both of my teams. Manning is expensive, but worth it imo, because you know that guy is going to deliver. He is about as close to sure thing as you can get in fantasy football. Manning is not the only Colt on my rosters this week. I also have Austin Collie on both of my teams and Joseph Addai on one. Indy is playing at home against the undefeated KC Chiefs, but I expect the Chiefs to go home with a 1 in the loss column. The Colts are an unexpected 2 and 2. I think they will be totally focused on winning this game and making a statement that they remain among the NFL elite. I’m expecting big numbers from the Colt offense.

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