New Gadget – Kindle (3rd generation)

Back in August I posted a link on this blog to  David Pogue’s review of the 3rd generation Kindle in The New York Times. Pogue’s review was so positive that I made up my mind back then that I was going to purchase the new Kindle. By dropping the price to $139 for the wifi only model and $179 for the 3G model Amazon made the device very attractive. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 3G model. I was able to use American Express points to pay for most of it so mine ended up costing only 20 bucks. At that price I really could not pass it up. My early impressions of the e-reader are very good. It is of course a specialized device, but what it does it does very well. It is extremely light and easy to hold. The monochrome screen is indeed very sharp and quite easy to read in sunlight, which is a real advantage it has over conventional computer displays.

I recommend the new Kindle. At it’s current price it is a good value. Moreover, Amazon offers the Kindle version of many books, including some real classics,  at a a cost of just a few dollars or even free. Can’t beat free. I downloaded copies of Ethics by Aristole, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Utopia by Sir Saint Thomas More, Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill and The Prince by Machiavelli all for free.

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