Film: X-Men First Class

When I went to see Atlas Shrugged I had a chance to see the trailer for the upcoming X-Men prequel, X-Men: First Class on the big screen.

They have decided to try to reboot the series with a prequel which explains the 1960’s origins of the X-Men and I think the trailer looks pretty cool.

I like the 1960’s setting and the cold war background. Check out the 1960’s weapons. I love the totally sci fi, highly modified, version of the SR-71 Blackbird that the X-Men use, which seems to have a cargo bay and VTOL capability. Now that is imaginative.

Of course, a good trailer never guarantees a good movie. There are many examples of that. A fairly recent example would be Ironman II. That film had a great trailer, but was nowhere near as good as the first Ironman and was a big disappointment imo.

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