NBA Playoffs 2nd Round Predictions

My record for the first round was 5-3. I was wrong about Dallas, Atlanta and Memphis winning. I wasn’t especially surprised by Dallas and Atlanta winning, but #8 Memphis defeating #1 San Antonio was a surprise. The two teams split 4 games during the regular season and I thought it would be a hard fought series, but I also thought SA would raise their game and that the vast advantage in playoff experience they held would give them an edge. Wrong. Memphis wasn’t the least bit intimidated. The young Grizzlies also did a great job exploiting their match-up advantages, which they seemed to have at every position except PG. The Spurs have been on of the best teams in the NBA throughout Tim Duncan’s storied career, but an era may have come to an end with the loss to Memphis

Oklahoma City vs Memphis: I think OK City will win this series, but it won’t be easy. Any team that can take out San Antonio is obviously dangerous. I expect this to go 6 0r 7 games.

Miami vs Boston: Now we get to see if the Heat can really live up to the preseason hype. I do think that James, Wade and Bosh will win at least one Championship, but not this year. I think the Celtics still have edge over Heat because of their experience and overall depth.  Boston wins in six.

Los Angeles vs Dallas: LA is seven. Dallas is lacking the services of Caron Butler. Ultra fast PG’s like NO’s Chris Paul usually give the Lakers trouble, but Dallas doesn’t have one. Dallas All Star Dirk Nowitski will be tough and get his points, but LA still has too much talent and they have home court advantage.

Chicago vs Atlanta: I think Chicago has too many weapons for Atlanta. Of course, the big weapon is Derek Rose, the favorite for league MVP. I don’t think Atlanta can contain Rose, esp. since starting Atlanta PG Kirk Hinrich will be one more games with a strained hamstring. Chicago in six.

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