Mini Cooper Coupe

The new Mini Cooper Coupe will go on sale in the US in October of this year. The styling of this car seems to be quite controversial. I have visited several web sites that have posted pictures and/or video of the new Mini and, based on comments I’ve read, most people love it or hate it. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first, but you can now put me in the “love it” camp. I think it is a very cool little car and I think it will sell well for Mini, as a niche vehicle. The base model will start at about 21.3K.

There will be three models:

Base with 121 hp 0-60 8.3 sec

S Turbo with 181 hp 0-60 6.5 sec

John Cooper Works with 208 hp 0-60 6.1 sec

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