Gehry New York and the New World Trade Center

I always enjoy taking a look at new buildings in New York whenever I visit because there is always something new going up in that city. During my visit this past July I was able to make my way over to 8 Spruce Street, in lower Manhattan, to see Frank Gehry’s new 76 story residential tower. I then took a walk over to the site of the new World Trade Center.

I have been a fan of Gehry’s buildings for long time and I was most impressed by this addition to his great body of work. I think this tower already stands as one Manhattan’s most unique and distinctive structures and will stand the test time well. I would rank it among Gehry’s top 10 buildings right now. Here are a few pictures I took of the gleaming skyscraper.

I have visited the Ground Zero several times in the past few years to see the progress being made on the new skyscrapers that will form the new World Trade Center, but my visit this past
July was the most impressive yet, because WTC 1, the tower which will replace the iconic Twin Towers had finally surpassed the many tall buildings that surround it in height. WTC 1 was over 70 stories when I saw it. The pictures below show WTC 1 from different angles.

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