Fantasy Football 2011

I must say I had my doubts a few months ago that there would be a full NFL season this year, but here we are. I’m pysched about putting my “team” into action in my Fantasy Football League. Rotohog moved their Salary Cap Fantasy Football game to Facebook this year, so you have to play via FB. I’m not real happy about that because I don’t particularly like FB, but the Rotohog version of Salary Cap FF is quite good imo, so we’ll play there.

At the beginning of the season I always feel like I’m relying more on intuition than real analysis of player performance, but I’m pretty comfortable with my line-up. I think I’m rolling the dice on a couple of guys, but I don’t think any of my players will get totally shut out on the stat line.

I will reveal my entire team after Sunday and I will post my global ranking (my rank among all players on FB) from week to week during the season.

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