UFC 137 Las Vegas

Unfortunately, the quality of the card diminished somewhat when the main event, Georges St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit, had to be cancelled due to a knee injury sustained by St. Pierre a few weeks ago. Too bad, that fight had the potential to be a very good one. I would have picked GSP to win, as would most other UFC fans, because he is just so well rounded as a fighter. Like most of the really top notch fighters in the UFC GSP is multi-dimensional. He can fight well standing up, with strikes and kicks or he can take the fight to the ground and use his superior wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

However, I think Condit would have had a decent outside shot to pull an upset because he has serious KO power in his fists and he would have posed a real threat to GSP in my opinion.

I think the UFC plans to reschedule this bout in few months. Some think the the winner of Penn vs Diaz deserves the next crack at GSP, but think that would unfair to Condit, who is on a 4 fight streak, with an overall record of 27-5. Condit has earned his shot at GSP.

The remaining fights on the card for 137 are still in place and there are some good ones, but none as interesting as GSP vs Condit. The top three fights on the main card are as follows:

Welterweight BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz

Heavyweight Cheick Kongo vs Matt Mitrione

Heavyweight Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic vs Roy Nelson

I think Penn, Mitrione and Nelson all win, but I won’t be shocked if all three fights go the other way because these fights are all toss ups in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to bet real money on any of them, especially the HW bouts.

The Penn vs Diaz is the most interesting fight, by far, because Penn is an All-Time UFC great and Diaz, a former UFC fighter, left the UFC back in 06 and won a championship in the rival Strikeforce organization, which the UFC acquired earlier this year. Both these guys hit hard and they really seem to dislike each other so that should make for a good bout.

POST 137

I went 1-2 in my picks, but I think I should gone 1-1-1, if not 2-1. Why? because the Kongo- Mitrione fight should have been a draw, if not a win for Mitrione. It was a really sloppy fight. I think Mitrione won the first two rounds and Kongo won the third.

BJ Penn and CroCop also announced that they will retire after losing their respective bouts. I agree with both of them. I think it is time for both of these MMA warriors to end their days inside the cage.

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