UFC 2 on Fox – Chicago, IL

The second installment of UFC on Fox will present 3 fights instead of 1 and all three of those look like they have potential to be very good fights. Of course, the HW fight in UFC 1 on Fox, pitting Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos, looked like it could be a classic and it lasted about one minute, as a result of a Dos Santos KO punch that destroyed Cain Velasquez. The quick KO’s of that kind seem to happen more frequently in the HW fights, but they can happen in any weight class, although that kind of outcome seems a lot less likely for any fights tonight.

Light Heavyweight: Rashad Evans (16-1-1) vs Phil “Mr Wonderful” Davis (9-0)

A lot is on the line in this LHW battle. The winner will probably next face LHW Champ Jon Jones. Evans is the favorite for this fight. Both fighters are very accomplished former NCAA Div I wrestlers. Evans has been in the MMA game longer and has developed a more well rounded MMA skill set at this point than Davis. Evans has good striking skills and I don’t think Davis can match him in that department. Davis is probably the better athlete, but not the better pure fighter right now. Davis may challenge for the Belt at some point in the future, but not yet. I think Evans wins by TKO/KO in the 3rd Rd.

Middleweight: Chael Sonnen (26-11-1) vs Michael “The Count” Bisping (22-3)

Sonnen is the heavy favorite and should win this fight in my opinion. Bisping, a very cocky Brit, is a very good striker and has a puncher’s chance of winning with a KO. However, in order to get a KO Bisping will have to keep this fight standing and that will be very difficult for him to do. Sonnen, a world-class wrestler, has proven he can take down anyone in the UFC and there is no reason he won’t be able to take down Bisping, who will then be subjected to Sonnen’s relentless ground and pound attack. Sonnen wins by submission in the 2nd Rd.

Middleweight: Demian Maia (16-3) vs Chris “The Hangman” Weidman (7-0)

Weidman is the favorite here, despite having much less experience. Weidman also comes from a wrestling background and has been impressive so far, but I’m not so sure I would take him in the fight. Maia has world-class jiu-jitsu and judo skills and is considered one of the the best fighters on the ground in all of MMA. Moreover, Maia has improved his striking skills markedly in the last couple of years. I think Maia wins by submission in the 2nd Round.

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