Articles: It’s Not About Newt

Articles: It's Not About Newt.

The link above is to an article on the American Thinker website. The author of this piece believes that the Republican Establishment is still out of touch with the rank and file Republicans. I have to agree. I’ve felt that way for about 20 years now, going back to the election of 1992, when I voted for Ross Perot. I still have not decided who I am going to support 2012. I am disappointed that the Republicans do not have a stronger field. It is possible that I will vote 3rd Party in 2012, but right now I don’t see any viable 3rd party candidates.

Key quote:

While it is true Republicans control only one chamber of one branch of the federal government, the change the American people sent them to Washington to effect has not happened. The frustration that led Tea Partiers to demonstrate in public squares and dominate town halls around the country has not been alleviated. The debt limit battle was lost, the economy continues to stagnate, and the GOP establishment is once again pushing a candidate that fails to inspire hope that he can actually make real change happen in Washington.

Unlike many of the Occupy Wall Street movement protestors, the Tea Party conservatives had businesses to run, and jobs to return to, but the frustration and anger they felt is still very real. They are tired of sending people to Washington, Republicans claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility, only to see things continue to get worse.

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