The Acura NSX 2.0

The next generation Acura NSX was introduced to most people in the U.S. during the Super Bowl, with a funny commercial that featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno both vying to be the first on line to take delivery of the new hybrid supercar. The new NSX won’t actually go on sale until 2015, but the commercial was certainly very effective in generating a lot of interest in the car. The Acura website crashed as a result of all the people that attempted to visit the NSX page on the Acura site during the Super Bowl.

Based on the comments I have read about this car on various Auto blogs and Car Magazines sites it seems that opinions of the car’s looks, performance and value is quite divided, but most people seem to think that the new NSX is a winner and a worthy successor to the original NSX. I think the NSX will be a huge hit for Acura/Honda. It is projected to cost $130,000.00, so it will not be a car for the masses, but it will be at price point well below top tier exotics such as the Ferrari 458, Lambo’s or the new McLaren MP4-12C , which run $230,000 and above. The NSX will be in the same price neighborhood as the Porsche 911 and Audi R8.

Motor Trend reported the NSX’s spec’s in this article….Future Shock:2015 Acura NSX

Here are a few of the basics:

Engine: 480hp gas/electric combo (V-6 gas +3 electric motors)

0-60: 3.0 seconds

Weight: 3,100 lbs

The SB commercial with Seinfeld and Leno did show the NSX, but only standing still in a showroom. If you want to see what the NSX will look like when it is moving, and moving fast, take a look at the video posted below. This video is a digital animation of the next gen NSX, but it looks like a real film of the NSX in motion. Super Cool!

This car will probably keep me buying lottery tickets for the next few years and looking for the next tech stock that can go up 1,000 percent plus.

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