Kodak Cameras 1888-2012

On Feb 9th, 2012 Kodak announced that they would be phasing out production of all digital cameras and video recorders. Kodak has been producing cameras since 1888 and as an owner of several Kodak digital cameras I was disappointed, but not surprised, when I read the report of this decision. Most of the Kodak digital cameras sold today are sub $300.00, with many under $200.00. I always thought Kodak digital cameras were well built and good values, but that segment of the market is highly competitive and under constant pressure from ever improving cameras built into smartphones and other multifunction devices , such as the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

My first digital camera was a Kodak DC290, which I purchased about 12 years ago. It was quite expensive, about $800.00 IIRC, but I was fascinated by it and digital cameras totally rekindled my interest in photography. I used the DC290 as my primary camera for just a couple years and ultimately replaced it as my primary just a couple of years later with a much small and less expensive Kodak digital camera. However, it was the DC290 that demonstrated to me just what a quantum leap digital photography represented. I made a point of taking the camera with me on a summer trip to Aspen, CO because I knew I would be able to find numerous scenic areas out there. When I downloaded those pictures to my computer I was stunned by the detail and the rich colors. A few of those pictures remain among my all time favorites and I have posted them below.

The Rocky Mountains, Aspen, CO
The Ute Trail, Aspen, CO
Aspen, CO
Aspen Mountain

3 thoughts on “Kodak Cameras 1888-2012

  1. Awesome review. The DC290 was also my first digital camera as well. Cost me $999 the day it came to retail. Loved it. But viewing the pictures as it scrolled line by line was an exercise in slow drama lol. Oh the other cool part was the really bright red light it would shine on the subject just before taking the picture.

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