NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Predictions

Well, as we head into the Divisional Round of the Playoffs I am glad that at least one of the the teams that predicted to go to the Super Bowl in the preseason is still alive and that would be the Patriots. The other team that I predicted to go to the SB was the Eagles!?!, believe it or not. Well, I thought Philadelphia looked very good on paper way back then, but more on that debacle later. Let’s move on to teams that are in the hunt for a Super Bowl berth.

New England -5.0 vs Kansas City

I expect this to be a tough game for the Patriots. Kudos to Andt Reid for guiding the Chiefs to the playoff after losing their best player early in season. However, I just don’t think they have the offensive firepower that will be needed to beat the Patriots at home.

Arizona -7.0 vs Green Bay

The Packers looked good vs the Redskins, but AZ will be a much, much tougher team to beat on the road. I expect the Cardinals to prevail.

Carolina -2.5 vs Seattle

UPSET ALERT! If there is one team that can go into Carolina and upend the Panthers in their house, it would be the Seahawks. I expect Seattle to win.

Denver -7.0 vs Pittsburgh

If the Steelers were healthy I think they would have a very good shot at upsetting the Broncos in Denver, but they are just too banged up imo. The victory over Bengals was very costly in terms of the toll it took on Steelers.

Denver should win this game.

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