NFL Playoffs: Championship Round Predictions

Are the four best teams left? I think so and that should make these games very entertaining.

New England Patriots -3 vs Denver Broncos

The AFC Championship game that many of us were expecting is finally here. Brady vs Manning meet for the 17th time. Although this game will be played in Denver I think the fact the fact that New England has been installed as a 3 pt favorite is well justified. I think New England’s offense, now that it is healthy, will prove to be to be too much for Denver to match.

New England 31 Denver 20

Carolina Panthers -3 vs Arizona Cardinals

Two great, evenly matched teams here. This should be a very hard fought battle. I think home field will indeed help Carolina and I expect star QB Cam Newton, who should be the league MVP, to lead the Panthers to victory.

Carolina 27 Arizona 24


After going 1 and 1 in the Championship Round of playoffs my overall record prediction record is 4 and 2.

I was wrong about predicting that the Seahawks would defeat the Panthers in Carolina and that the Patriots would defeat the Broncos in Denver. Well, that’s what I get for underestimating home field advantage.

The Panthers vs Seahawks game, which Carolina won 31 to 24, was like watching two different games. Carolina won the 1st half 31-0 and Seattle won the 2nd half 24-0. Carolina’s defense is good, but not great and several teams have rolled up big point totals on them in a short period of time.

Heck of job, Wade. I have to give a lot of credit to the Denver Broncos defense. I salute the Broncos DC, Wade Phillips.I figured that Peyton Manning and the Denver offense would put about 20 points up, but I never thought that would be enough to win a game in which the Patriots essentially had all their 1st string skill position players on field, unlike the Patriots loss to Denver during the regular season. However, 20 points was enough because of the relentless pressure Denver’s defensive line was able to put on QB Tom Brady, sacking him 4 times and hitting him another 20 plus times. The Patriots almost won the game anyway. The Patriots might have caught a few breaks had the game been played in Foxboro, but it wasn’t to be, not this season.

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