Blizzard 2016: A few pictures from Easton. PA

I was wondering if we were ever going to get a real snow storm this winter. Mother Nature really did deliver this past weekend. The Lehigh Valley was buried with 30 plus inches of snow. I was able to capture a few scenes from our latest snow-apocalypse here in Easton, PA. I actually had to work the Saturday that the big storm hit. Fortunately, I live within walking distance of my place of work in Easton, PA, but the walk to and from the office was a bit more challenging than usual, although I must say I enjoyed the stark white imagery that storm created.



Spring Garden St. the morning the storm hit.


North Third St.



Saturday morning. Here is the view from Northampton St. and 6th St.


Here is the view on the Northampton St. at 3:30 pm. The storm was raging and visibility was limited.


Spring Garden St. at night, the snow still falling.


Digging out the Day After. 7th Street.


IMG_1347Northampton St. on Sunday, with clean up well under way.IMG_1354.jpg

Spring Garden St. on Sunday.

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