Is the coolest Honda vehicle now a truck?

I’m a huge fan of the Honda Motor Company and I have been going all the way back to the 1980’s when my family purchased our first Honda, which was an Accord that was about the size of a today’s Fit. It might have been smaller than the Fit, but it was a great little car.

Over the years since I have admired many different Honda models, but I always thought their smaller models, including many versions of Civic over the years, the CR-Z and the S-2000 were the coolest cars they made. Now I’m not so sure with introduction of the totally redesigned 2017 Ridgeline, Honda’s only truck.

I have not seen a new Ridgeline in person yet, but I am highly impressed by the pictures and video that I have seen of the new truck. I think the Honda design team really hit it out of the park with the 2017 Ridgeline. The new  design is a lot sportier and more contemporary looking than the old Ridgeline, but it also looks more like a conventional pick-up truck in a totally good way. I think this truck is going to sell really well. It won’t dethrone the Ford F-150 or out sell some of the other top selling truck, but it should carve out a significant place for itself in the truck space.

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