Podcast Listening: The Joe Rogan Experience

I haven’t posted a Podcast review post in quite awhile, but I certainly haven’t stopped listening to podcasts. If anything, I spend more time listening to podcast than ever before. I have a pretty busy work schedule, between my primary job and various projects that I work on the side. So, podcasts are great for me because I can listen to them whenever I have time.

One podcast that I have listened to for a few years now and become a big fan is The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by Joe Rogan, best known for being UFC’s lead color commentator, a stand-up comedian, and television show host.

I like the Joe Rogan Experience because Joe does bring on lost interesting guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, although I would admit many of shows feature fellow stand-up comedians and personalities from the world of mixed martial arts. However, aside from those two groups he invites a fairly eclectic mix of guests on to discuss topics ranging from politics, to hunting, to bio-technology, to the financial markets and other topics.

I would say that Rogan is left of center overall in terms of political views. I don’t agree him philosophically on many issues, but I like the fact that he willing to bring on guests that do not share his views and have a real debate over issues. Many talk show hosts these days , whether on radio or TV, do not do that. So, in that respect I find TJRE interesting listening.
One thing that I would have to caution new listeners on is language on TJRE. Joe and some of guests can be quite profane. That doesn’t me, I actually find the the colorful language on the show pretty funny sometimes but I could see how some people might be offended by it, especially if they were not expecting it.

So, I would have to give this podcast an R rating for language and content. This pod doesn’t always include profanity, that usually depends on the guest(s) and the subjects being discussed, but it frequently does.

To be continued….

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