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The Twin Towers and the Manhattan Skyline in July 2001


I took this picture at Eagle Rock Reservation in July, 2001. The reservation is located in Montclair, NJ. I have previously posted a picture of just the WTC Twin Towers and lower Manhattan that I took from the location. Today, on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, I decided post this picture of the entire Manhattan Skyline. I think this picture really illustrates just how prominent the Twin Towers were in relation to all the other skyscrapers in the city.

Photo was taken with my first digital camera, a Kodak DC 290.



Is the coolest Honda vehicle now a truck?

I’m a huge fan of the Honda Motor Company and I have been going all the way back to the 1980’s when my family purchased our first Honda, which was an Accord that was about the size of a today’s Fit. It might have been smaller than the Fit, but it was a great little car.

Over the years since I have admired many different Honda models, but I always thought their smaller models, including many versions of Civic over the years, the CR-Z and the S-2000 were the coolest cars they made. Now I’m not so sure with introduction of the totally redesigned 2017 Ridgeline, Honda’s only truck.

I have not seen a new Ridgeline in person yet, but I am highly impressed by the pictures and video that I have seen of the new truck. I think the Honda design team really hit it out of the park with the 2017 Ridgeline. The new  design is a lot sportier and more contemporary looking than the old Ridgeline, but it also looks more like a conventional pick-up truck in a totally good way. I think this truck is going to sell really well. It won’t dethrone the Ford F-150 or out sell some of the other top selling truck, but it should carve out a significant place for itself in the truck space.

200 000 EV Fast Chargers by 2020?

200 000 EV Fast Chargers by 2020?.

74% Rarely or Never Use Mass Transit – Rasmussen Reports™

74% Rarely or Never Use Mass Transit – Rasmussen Reports™.

I am going to come back to this post and add some add comments about this topic. I was a little surprised that so many people in this country never use mass transit. I think more people will use mass transit in the future, but the figures in this report indicate that a lot of work remains to be done to get more people on mass transit.

The 10 vehicles I would buy if won the lottery

I see quite a few nice cars on the streets of San Diego and other parts of Southern California. I sometimes ask myself which ones I would buy if I had an unlimited budget. So, if I won the lottery or invested in the next stock that goes up several thousand percent and had a few million to spend on vehicles, along with a garage to house them, I think would buy the following 10 vehicles:

1) Ferrari 458 Spider

2) Audi R8

3) Porsche PanameraI think the big Porsche is very cool. Not everyone is a fan of this design, but I am. I think Porsche definitely raised the performance bar for luxury sedans with this car.

4) Tesla Model S This car has redefined all electric vehicles forever. Whenever I see one I feel like I am looking at the future.

5) Chevy Volt

6) Ford F-150 Raptor I decided I wanted at least one truck in the group and this beast is the king of the hill.

7) Honda CRV Also had to add one SUV and the CRV is the best all around value for this type of vehicle imo.

8) Dodge Challenger SRT Of all the neo-muscle cars the Challenger projects the most muscle. I like the Camaro and Mustang too, but I give the Challenger a slight edge over those two.

9) Scion FR-S I think this is the best sports car under 30K. I love the minimalist character of this car. A beautiful design.

10) Honda Civic Natural Gas

Scenes from the 2012 Coronado Speed Festival

This past Saturday (09-22-12) I paid a visit to the Coronado Speed Festival, which is an annual event held at Naval Air Station North Island. The Navy allows a large portion of the airfield at North Island to be converted into an auto race track and an area where scores of autos, new, old and in between to be put on display for race enthusiasts and car fans. The views from Coronado to Downtown San Diego and Point Loma provided a stunning backdrop for the event.

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the event:


Here are a few of the cars that were on display:

Batmobiles at Comic-Con 2012

Here are some pictures I took of the Batmobiles on display in front of the San Diego Bayside Hilton for Comic-Con. This was the first time that all of the Batmobiles, from the 1960’s version to the present Tumbler, have been on display at the same location.

Unfortunately, I did not purchase a pass for Comic-Con this year so I could see all the cool displays inside the Convention Hall, but there were a variety of very cool displays outside the Convention Hall, and the Batmobile collection was the best imo. There were a total of six vehicles, including two Tumblers from the Chris Nolan Batman films.

The Dark Knight’s Tumbler

Here is Michael Keaton’s Batmobile.

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